Definitive Guide to Slow Beauty

July 15, 2020

During quarantine, most fashionistas had time to try all the cosmetics which was present in their home arsenal, and such a cosmetic blow to the skin was far from beneficial — many of you faced with the appearance of inflammation and dull skin color. To return to the normal mode, it makes sense to take a closer look (and possibly gradually switch to it completely) to a new trend in the beauty industry called Slow Beauty.

slow beauty

What is Slow Beauty?

First of all, Slow Beauty is an internal, not an external beauty. The whole concept is tied to a slowdown in rhythm and concentration on high-quality and natural self-care. Slow Beauty excludes such concepts as express spa, SOS masks, and most importantly, any invasive intervention related to cosmetology. The basic ideas are similar to skin fasting, but slow beauty has its own distinctive features.

Slow Beauty is more based on the inner beauty, love and self-care, empathy and the joy of life. Slow Beauty is not about cosmetics or procedures, it’s about your approach to life. In order to fully understand Slow Beauty, you need to know yourself and learn how to live in harmony with your body and mind.

slow beauty

What should you do for Slow Beauty?

  • Use homemade care products or cosmetics with natural ingredients;
  • Avoid products with an aggressive and fast-acting formulas;
  • Regularly visit SPA or arrange your own home treatments;
  • Choose quieter sports such as yoga or pilates;
  • Meditate every day, devote at least five minutes to this practices;
  • Refuse of cosmetic procedures;
  • Every day, try to include in your daily ritual something that makes you happy.

slow beauty