Short Nails Manicure

February 5, 2020

Short nails’ length has a lot of advantages – they do not break at the most inopportune moment forcing you to frantically search for a nail file, they are convenient to type messages with, and they do not contradict even with the most strict dress code. In addition to the above, short nails always look very cute and neat with any color of the nail polish.


nude short nails

Light and gentle nude tones always look very feminine. You may choose any light shade – from peach to pale pink. And if you need some diversity, you can make miniature drawings on your nails, or add tiny sparkles.


Sparkles nails

Sparkles and mica are suitable for any nail length, but as you can see, they look much more cute on small and neat nails.

Brush Strokes

Brush Strokes nails

Small strokes are applied to the nails, like an artist does during the creation of a painting. They can be of absolutely any color, texture and size – complete freedom of creativity. You can also supplement the resulting pattern with lines or silhouettes.


Red nails

Red color still remains classic, and these scarlet bright shades look especially good on short nails. The Fashiongton Post can advise at least several options on how to diversify classics: use a matte finish or add a design in the form of small dots or inscriptions on one finger. In addition to that, you can play with colors and choose any, from coral to burgundy.

Dark Tones

Dark Tones nails

A dark palette of shades is a great option for parties. The leading ones among the dark colors are eggplant, navy, burgundy and black tones. To complement those solid colors, you can try some intricate designs – for example, white contrasting silhouettes, covered with a matte top.


Geometric nails

For geometry, there could be vertical or horizontal lines, rhombuses, squares, circles, triangles and any other figures.

Snow Color

Snow Color nails

The admirers of gentle and calm shades can experiment with the snow white color of the manicure. You can leave a plain coating or supplement it with the above mentioned nail art, such as geometric shapes and lines, miniature drawings, sparkles or mica.