Hoodie, Zip-up Hoodie and Sweatshirt. What is the Difference?

October 15, 2023

In the modern world of fashion, there appear more and more different styles and types of clothing, so a simplified division into sweaters and pants is no longer enough. The Fashiongton Post today will help you understand the difference between a hoodie, zip-up hoodie, and sweatshirt.


The name “hoodie” comes from the word “hood”, hence the distinctive feature of a hoodie is actually an obligatory presence of a hood. Another feature by which a hoodie can be recognized is one patch pocket in the center, which is usually end-to-end, like a muff. Hoodies are usually made from jersey or soft fleece and have a wide fit and long sleeves. Initially, hoodies had a controversial reputation, as they were mainly popular among the poor and disadvantaged sections of the population in the criminal areas of large cities in America and England. You could easily use it to hide your face under the hood. The situation changed dramatically thanks to the popularity of the film “Rocky” (1976), after the release of which the hoodie became especially popular among athletes.

zip-up hoodie

A zip-up hoodie is very similar to an original hoodie, as it is made of a similar material and also has a hood. It differs from a classic hoodie by having separate pockets on the left and right sides, as well as a zipper. A zip-up hoodie is more of an element of a sports wardrobe and, accordingly, is less popular for everyday wear compared to a sweatshirt and hoodie.


The sweatshirt does not have a hood, pockets or zipper, but its cut is similar to that of a zip-up hoodie and is also made of thick knitwear.

Sweatshirt hoodie difference

How does a sweatshirt, hoodie and zip-up hoodie differ from each other?

  • zip-up hoodie and hoodies have a looser cut than a sweatshirt
  • sweatshirts never have zippers or buttons
  • sweatshirts are always made from thick knitwear, while zip-up hoodies and regular hoodies use a wider selection of materials
  • sweatshirt is a more versatile type of clothing that can be combined with both a sporty and a more classic look
  • sweatshirts and hoodies can have prints, while zip-up hoodies are often plain and with a minimal amount of graphics, since their main purpose is sports training.