Muff, as in Fairy Tales

January 8, 2021

Taking into account that fashion is cyclical, and long-standing trends of five.. ten.. and sometimes 50 years ago, come back to us after a certain number of seasons. This is exactly what happened with an accessory called a muff, a little forgotten in the modern world. In the old days, all women of fashion dreamed to have such an unusual accessory that perfectly replaced gloves or mittens and returned them to an atmosphere of a fairy tale, because regardless of age, we all sometimes love to dream of a miracle.

This season, designers were also inspired by fairy tales and, as a result, they included muffs to their fall-winter collections, making them available in a variety of materials: fur, leather and even nylon. You can wear this stylish accessory with feminine down jackets, fluffy fur coats, and classic coats too.