Rouge Allure by Chanel

February 4, 2020

This February, Chanel decided to please us with their special collection of lipsticks named Rouge Allure, inspired by camellia. The flower which has become a symbol of the fashion house, can traditionally be seen in everything that Chanel releases – it turns into buttons on suits, it blooms in the form of jewelry, and now it also shows off on the lipstick cap.

rouge allure chanel

For the new collection, international color and makeup designer Lucia Pica has prepared eight shades – from beetroot red to translucent pink. As the editorial team of The Fashiongton Post noted, the trend for naturalness in makeup is getting through its own adjustments, and now subtle shades are increasingly adjacent to bright ones.

All eight lipsticks differ not only in color, but also in texture: four are matte, and four are satin. For each one, Lucia picked up a suitable pencil with a convenient brush for blending on the tip.

rouge allure chanel