Trendy Fabrics To Keep You Warm in Spring

March 21, 2024

As the chill of winter gives way to the blossoms of spring, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to shed the heavy layers and embrace lighter, trendier fabrics. Spring is all about balance, and finding fabrics that keep you warm without sacrificing style is the key to a successful wardrobe transition. So, what are those latest trends in fabrics that not only keep you snug but keep you warm too?

Lightweight wool blends

spring fabrics to keep warm

Spring mornings can still be crisp, and lightweight wool blends are the perfect solution to keep you warm while looking chic. These breathable fabrics provide just the right amount of insulation without causing overheating. Opt for tailored jackets, blazers, or even wide-legged trousers in wool blends for a sophisticated and cozy spring look.

Denim with fur

spring fabrics to keep warm

Denim is a perennial favorite, but this spring, it’s taking a stylish turn. Look for denim fabrics with added warmth, like denim jackets lined with faux fur or shearling. These pieces not only keep you cozy on cooler days but also add a touch of edginess to your outfit. Pair a denim shearling jacket with a floral dress for a perfect spring contrast.

Quilted fabrics

spring fabrics to keep warm

Quilted fabrics are having a moment, and they’re not just for outerwear. Quilted skirts, dresses, and even tops are making waves in the fashion scene. The padding provides an extra layer of warmth, making them ideal for those unpredictable spring days. Choose quilted pieces in vibrant colors or pastel shades to embrace the season’s palette.

Cozy knits

spring fabrics to keep warm

Knits are no longer reserved for the colder months. Lightweight knits are making a splash in spring fashion, offering a cozy alternative to traditional spring fabrics. Sweaters, dresses, and even skirts in breathable knit fabrics are still on-trend, as well as are perfect for layering on chilly evenings. Experiment with textures and patterns for a fashionable twist.

Tactile corduroy

spring fabrics to keep warm

Corduroy is making a comeback this spring, offering a tactile and warm option for your wardrobe. Choose lighter-weight corduroy pieces like skirts, trousers, or even blazers to stay warm without feeling weighed down. Earthy tones and pastel hues in corduroy exude a perfect spring vibe.