Steve Edge

September 28, 2018

Our interview with Steve Edge, a man with a unique and authentic style of dress and diverse interests, who is difficult to describe in one sentence. We think that each of you will be able to draw your own conclusions after reading the interview and getting to know such an interesting person.

The Fashiongton Post: Steve, what would be the three words to describe you and your personality?

Steve Edge: Prophet, Madman, Wanderer.

F.P.: What was your first memory connected with fashion and style?

S.E.: I was in Paris as a young chap, and as I walked along Avenue Montaigne I looked into the window of Gucci. In the 60s Gucci was truly amazing. The combination of the window display and the mannequins wrapped in Gucci was the most inspiring thing I’d seen to date. Even more striking was the glass door with a crystal knob you had to push to get into the store. All around it were scratches in the glass of the door, so I went inside to ask why. It turned out that the customers’ diamonds rings were scuffing the glass! Wow, that’s style! I wanted to buy the door to have as an art installation in my home, it would have made a fantastic story for when people come over.

Steve Edge

F.P.: Do you have an old or vintage accessory that you are very fond of and continue to wear despite the fashion trends passing by?

S.E.: The majority of my accessories are vintage. I have not bought them because of fashion, only because I truly like them, and then they become old friends. One of my favourites is my Purdey cover coat which I’ve had for 24 years.

F.P..: What would you advise to wear to stay classy and classic during the hot summer season when it is 30-37 degrees above zero in the streets?

S.E.: For me, Birkenstocks can be worn with everything. They are comfortable, keep your feet cool and have now become a very fashionable item.

Steve Edge

F.P.: Four pieces of clothes you can’t live without?

S.E.: My Dries Van Noten overcoat, Oliver Benjamin morning suit, pashmina from Liberty and my cord breeks from Purdey.

F.P.: What’s inside of your bag on a daily basis when you are out? And what bags do you usually prefer to carry?

S.E.: Apart from the usual – keys, Mont Blanc pen, Oyster card, hayfever tablets, asthma pump in case the pollution gets bad – I always have a traveling fly rod and flies with me. I never know when I might come across a bit of water and if I can grab ten minutes fly fishing at a canal before a meeting I will!

Steve Edge

F.P.: As for a style icon or a person whose style you admire – who will it be?

S.E.: Vivienne Westwood. She is quirky, incredibly talented and her clothes are always cut exactly to my shape. Plus she always brings an amazing twist!

F.P.: What brand name appears more often in your wardrobe if we speak about accessories?

S.E.: Oliver Benjamin, he is the greatest British tailor as far as I’m concerned.

F.P.: Name three rules of a gentleman that you follow and consider as a must?

S.E.: Shoes, teeth and hair!

Steve Edge

F.P.: Do you collect anything?

S.E.: Too many things! From fly fishing reels and rods from the 18th Century to the modern day to butterfly collections. My log cabin is also full of tools handed down from my grandparents as well as modern ones, particularly Swedish axes, Opinel knives and Finnish hunting knives.

F.P.: What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten?

S.E.: My father gave me the greatest piece of advice. He said never give up. No matter how hard life can be, never say die. Tomorrow is another day.

F.P.: Name some movies that inspired you and those you love to re-watch from time to time?

S.E.: Seven Samurai, a black and white film is  one of the most inspiring films I’ve seen. It’s very evocative with a great story and it’s good for your soul. I also like Vanishing Point, I love cars and speed!

Steve Edge

F.P.: What shops do you love to visit in London?

S.E.: Selfridges, Liberty and Gucci.

F.P.: What country you would be eager to live in if not the UK?

S.E.: Either France or India. I need to be diplomatic, my wife is half French and half Indian!

F.P.: Describe a regular day in life of Steve Edge?

S.E.: Every day is bonkers. There are lots of meeting, lunches and drinks, as well as time spent brainstorming ideas. I usually have around five meetings a day, sometimes double that, but I just love to be with people and am passionate about what I do.

F.P.: Who would you recommend to us to take the interview from for the next issue?

S.E.: If only Salvador Dali was alive! But as he isn’t, I would suggest Oliver Benjamin, my tailor.

F.P.: And a traditional for us question in the end of the interview – what would be your piece of wisdom or advice to the readers of The Fashiongton Post?

S.E.: Dress for a party everyday and the party will come to you. It has been my life philosophy since I was just nine years old when an aunt of mine passed away having never used the china that she saved for special occasions.

Steve Edge