Decor and Couture

January 23, 2018

In the dynamic world of fashion, the interior design is at the height of fashionable appeal. Creating a chic decor is a trend which is gaining an unprecedented fashionable following. As individuals become more confident and educated in their love of style and design, their attention is now turning towards the home in order to make a style statement. ‘Décor and couture’ is now the latest obsession for fashionistas in the know. To make your home fashionable you should surround yourself with the bright contemporary interiors and the infusion of antiques. Pops of color and pattern are seen predominantly through bold, beautiful fabrics and dramatic artworks. Cushions and accessories will add a touch of whimsy and youthfulness to your décor. Fashion should definitely become a central part of the way in which you design a space. The style is not just concerned with the way you dress; it is incorporated into all aspects of life – from the furniture you choose for your home and the art on your walls to the restaurant you decide to dine out to. In essence your home should be a reflection of who you are as an individual, your interests and your tastes. The link between fashion and interiors is highly evident, and the catwalk has become a perfect source of inspiration. Fashion designers have now turned their attention towards decor. This fact can be seen throughout the seasons, as fabrics that were once relegated to the catwalk are now found in materials and accessories within the home. The classic black and white stripe, houndstooth pattern and bold floral prints have been styled into home decoration. It is now possible to purchase the whole lifestyle from a single designer brand: from clothing, accessories and perfume to wallpaper, bed-linen and candles. The home has opened its doors to fashion, and there is a multitude of ways in which to incorporate fashionable design and a stylish mood into your personal space. Stacking fashion or design books in a room can create a bold statement which directly reflects your personal fashion inspirations or role models. Creating tableau or vignettes which are by definition groupings of beautiful objects, usually placed together artfully upon a tray or table around the home, is a simple and highly creative way in which to incorporate fashionable pieces into a décor. Bedding and linen is one of the most dominate examples of this new obsession in creating a fashionable interior. Bed linen can be viewed as seasonal, just as your clothing can. Color, pattern and texture in bedding can be changed as the new season in fashion also begins. Ultimately style your home, as you would yourself. A chic outfit is about layering, and the same should be with your home, so make sure to decorate it with confidence. Accessories are to an outfit as cushions and artworks are to a room, which is vital in creating an impression. Transform your wardrobe into the everyday life by way of fabrics and homewares such as vases and miscellaneous beautiful collections. Invest in art and interesting furniture as you would in a classic Hermes handbag or Chanel brooch. Both will never date, and you will appreciate the beauty in an object for years to come. Fashion designers have interpreted the same style philosophy they use in their collections – into the interior design. Prime examples of this recently included a famed American fashion designer Kate Spade, and her collaboration with the Australian textile and wallpaper company ‘Florence Broadhurst’. The famous Missoni brand created its ‘Missoni Home’ division as the way of reaching out to its loyal customers and those who want to incorporate its bold and bright aesthetic into their house. Versace also established its home line which primarily focuses on a mix of Baroque and ultra modern dynamics with a super sexy edge, as seen on the catwalk. These dynamic brands have acknowledged and responded to the new wave of ‘fashion as décor’, and use the same principles that their fashionable customers demand and desire in their clothing. The success of these designer homeware lines proves the new consumer hyper awareness towards creating a fashionable interior. It is clear that in the 21st century, the home is where the heart is and in our style orientated world, home is now where the fashion is.

Jeaneen Kelly, Interior Designer & Stylist