Elegance of Wrinkled Clothes

October 6, 2023

Yet 5-10 years ago, wrinkled clothes were a sign of negligence or sloppiness, while today it is a popular fashionable trend. New collections of famous designers this season dictate new rules for selecting original stylish looks for both every day and special events. The spring-summer collections feature interesting blouses, shirts, dresses and trouser suits made from specially wrinkled fabrics. These could be, for example, natural linen, cotton, or denim. At the same time, there is a very fine line between untidiness and style, so today The Fashiongton Post will give you some pointers what items can be worn wrinkled.

wrinkled clothes


You don’t have to iron your jeans, as it is when they are slightly wrinkled that they look stylish and fashionable. Moreover, you can safely apply this advice not only to denim pants, but also to all denim items, be it a sundress, shirt or overalls.

Wrinkled Clothes

T-shirt and sweatshirt

Today’s trend allows you to wear a wrinkled sweatshirt or T-shirt both to work and to a meeting. Of course, wrinkling does not mean a longitudinal wrinkle from a clothesline, but rather minor folds in the fabric, as if you pulled it out of a chest of drawers in a hurry.

Wrinkled Clothes


In both women’s and men’s looks, a slightly wrinkled shirt will look with a slight touch of casual elegance. It will be even more impressive if you combine such a shirt with a more formal bottom, thus balancing your look thanks to the contrast created.

Wrinkled Clothes

Linen items

The variety of linen items is replenished every new season, from linen dresses to trouser suits and jackets. We strongly do not recommend ironing linen items. Light wrinkles, which are natural for this material, will only add a pleasant texture and a feeling of freedom.

Wrinkled Clothes

You should, of course, also pay attention to the appropriateness of the situation — for a solemn visit of the president’s residence or the wedding of your best friend, it would certainly be better to choose a more conservative and strict version of clothing. But if you are going for a walk, to a cafe, or just going to the cinema, then a relaxed style and light chaos will be the right choice!