5 Haircare Products to Use While Traveling

August 25, 2023

Summer time is the time for those long-awaited vacations for at least 90% of us. When your baggage is limited just to a carry-on or a weekender bag, every beauty item would count. That’s why it’s crucial to have a few best-of-the-best hair care products that you can rely on, as well as shorten your packing for a trip.

haircare for travel

The Prep

These days, hair color is such a major part of our lives. And who doesn’t have a little refresh or drastic change before their next trip? No matter the destination, you never know what you might come up with on that trip, especially at the sunny beaches where you are swimming a lot or out in the elements. Ask your hairdresser for an Olaplex treatment in your final colour before you go on holiday, and your hair will look and feel amazing. Olaplex is the OG of the professional color care and is the best way to keep those hair bonds built and strong.

haircare for travel

The Plane Trip

There is nothing worse than hopping off the other end and feeling like a greaseball. Take a travel sized Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo in your carry-on. When you nip to brush your teeth and splash your face, spray some of this in your hair to make you feel good as new.   

haircare for travel

The Beach Day

We all know that slip, slop, slap of sunscreen is a must for skincare protection but if you want to give your hair the same respect as your skin, we highly recommend Philip Kingsley Swimcap to help guard your hair from the effects of the sun and water. Another great choice would be Evo Happy Campers — a treatment that provides protection from the exposure against UV, as well as it smells amazing!

haircare travel

The Date Night

Getting ready to let the night take you away is one of the best bits of being on holiday. Always travel with Kaleo hairdryer and diffuser, which is quite lightweight and can work some effortless individualized beauty in no time.

haircare travel

The Recovery

Just like a sore head the next day needing a bit of hydration, so does your hair! We recommend a deep hydrating treatment to rejuvenate your hair. Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask is a beautiful, nourishing treatment to spoil your locks after the night on the town.

Wherever your journey takes you, stay safe and give your hair the love it deserves!

Peter Beckett for The Fashiongton Post