How Eye Sunscreens Can Help in Summer

September 18, 2022

During the period of active sun, the skin of the face must be protected from ultraviolet radiation, and the area around the eyes is no exception. The Fashiongton Post today will tell you how to protect delicate skin from the sun rays.

The skin around the eyes is quite thin and delicate, without sebaceous glands, so the first signs of aging become noticeable in this area in the first place. From the negative influence of sunlight on the skin around the eyes, not only wrinkles appear, but also age spots, the skin becomes thinner, dry and dull. That is why it is so important to start taking care of the skin of the eyelids in time.

Eye Sunscreen

Taking care of the skin around the eyes should start at an early age. Cosmetologists recommend moisturizing the skin in this area and protecting it from the sun with SPF products in the form of special gels and serums.

After 25 years old, in addition to moisturizing and protecting against external factors, skin care products must be added to nourish the skin, as well as eliminate dark circles under the eyes. In addition to gels and serums, you can use light creams that will keep the skin looking healthy in this area.

If your eyelid skin is prone to puffiness, we do not recommend using nourishing creams with a dense texture at night, they will only increase swelling. Once a week it is advisable to make special masks.

Eye Sunscreen

The sooner you start protecting the skin around the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, the longer you can keep it young. Today, a lot of brands have special photoprotective products specifically for the periorbital zone, including various tonal products. Often they are designed for daily care, and not for a vacation in the countries with hot climate. The SPF index of such products fluctuates around 30%, and this will not be enough for the sun near sea or in the mountains.

If you don’t have an eye cream at hand, you can use facial SPF products, but it’s important to understand that such creams should be moisturizing, and not those for problematic or oily skin, otherwise you will dry out delicate skin even more. On the shelves of pharmacy and cosmetics stores, you can find products for sensitive skin, saying they can also be used in the area around the eyes. Such creams will additionally moisturize the skin and combat dryness, while you will receive the necessary protection from the sun.

Eye Sunscreen

If you happen to be in the sun without protection, be sure to use creams or masks that restore the skin after prolonged sunbathing. Such products should include powerful antioxidants that will protect cells from free radicals, various moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that will help restore skin and maintain water balance.