How to Achieve Ashy Hair Color

November 16, 2022

With the help of the leading colorists, The Fashiongton Post today will tell you about the ashy hair color and how to achieve this trendy hair shade.

Ash blonde is a cold color, so before you dye your hair an ashy shade, you have to determine your skin tone. Ash hair color harmoniously looks on pale skin, and if you are the owner of a warm skin tone, you are unlikely to achieve a cold ashy color. It will be difficult and almost impossible for a colorist to completely remove the yellow pigment from light brown or blond hair.

Any dyeing is always stressful for the hair and, regardless of the technique and type of dyeing, you should start using nourishing masks or balms in advance to help strengthen the curls and prepare them for the upcoming changes.

How to become an ash blonde

For owners of dark shades of hair, the colorist should first lighten the strands, having previously prepared them, for example, by laminating the hair. This procedure will help to achieve the desired shade and protect the hair from severe damage. After that, hair toning is performed. The selected shade is applied to the strands and aged for 20 minutes. Then the colorist washes off the paint and proceeds to styling.

Ashy Hair Color

Cold ash

This season, ash blonde is the most common type of coloring, besides, it will look harmonious and aristocratic on ladies with pale skin color. Nowadays, the ash blonde palette is considered the most extensive of the rest, so you will definitely have plenty shades to choose from. Silver, copper, gray, platinum and many other shades you can review with your colorist before coloring your hair.

Ashy Hair Color

Light brown ash

Although the ash blond is considered the most popular, the light brown ash will not leave anyone indifferent. How noble it looks on the hair cannot even be compared with highlighting. If you are the owner of light brown hair, do not expect a cold ashy shade on your hair. It will add brightness and light your strands, but the yellow pigment will still dominate the ash. The advantage of this is that you will not appear cold, and the warm shade will give the hair elegance and excellence.

Ashy Hair Color

Dark ash

Such a shade and such changes in hair color should be approached as responsibly and decisively as possible, since a new color playing in contrast can make your image more aggressive, and you, in turn, will seem stricter and more arrogant.