Makeup Trends During Pandemic

June 16, 2021

During the pandemic COVID-19, it’s very important to take care about ourselves, and skincare and makeup are essential for our self value. A woman desires to feel pretty and happy, to express her feelings through her style, so the makeup takes a new dimension these days.

For me, being a professional makeup artist, it is important  to create an individual expression through the makeup style. It is quite hard to wear masks all day long, hiding our personality, so the only chance for us to show our smile — is through our eyes! Not to forget our beautiful skincare routine too.

coronavirus makeup
First of all, the makeup is supposed to enhance the natural glow and freshness. Use high quality hydrating serums for the base and very fluid foundation, enlightening textures to create a translucent and natural skin tone. Apply concealers very delicately, to avoid too much coverage. I advise to work with your fingers for a relaxing massage, use very smooth brushes to take care of the sensitivity of the skin, a little powder, delicately applied on the T-zone, and then fix it with the concealer. Prefer creamy color blush for cheeks and no hard contouring, soft shadows and highlighting powders for the cheekbones, the brow line and inner corner of the eyes. The result will show a healthy glow, translucent, enlightened and even sophisticated look.

covid19 makeup

The new makeup trend during the coronavirus time is focused on the eyes. Fashionable graphic liners, which may be in electric colors, such as ultra violet, electric blue, bright green, pink or even red. Smokey effect in black and metallic colors, or a more classical brown or taupe shade, are allowed. Some brands propose new textures in translucent fluids, which you can apply with fingers or brushes. 

Mascara and lashes are also a very important point during this season, and I would advise to take into account bright blue, purple or green colors. Eyebrows are focused as well, but they should rather be enhanced and naturally brushed than overdrawn. This gives more intensity to a modern look and eye expression. Usually, I am a big fan of red lips but these days I advise to all makeup fashionistas to express our desire for beautiful lips through a strong eye makeup, and to be creative in beautiful colors for clothing and masks. We must dare!

mask makeup

Christina Lutz