Nail Trends for F/W 21-22

November 15, 2021

There are certain colors that instantly come to mind for fall/winter, such as red, mulberry shades, and metallics. However, this year the main colors will be black, deep green, deep red, chocolate brown, chic alternative nudes, matte metallics and mustard yellow (think of 70’s retro nails). 


OPI Nail Lacquer — Malaga Wine (the perfect, deep burgundy that is a classic and never goes out of style what ever the season) 

OPI Nail Lacquer

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour — New Dawn & Frenzy (alternative nudes) 

Chanel Le Vernis

Paint Box Nails — Like Lush (mustard yellow nails)

Paint Box Nails

Nails Inc — Bean Around the World  

Nails Inc

CND Vinylux Cuppa Joe

CND Vinylux Cuppa Joe

CND Vinylux — Blackpool 

CND Vinylux — Blackpool 

CND Vinylux #246 Palm Deco

Palm Deco


The nail for this year is shorter in length, whether natural nails being short squoval, more rounded or a more pointed almond shape to an even more extreme point — think of a shorter version of the stiletto nail.


Nails are all about creativity, nail art being the must have accessory, so you have a personalised manicure — whether it’s a minimal design or at the other end of the scale by having every possible style and colour all worn at the same time. 


negative space nails

Some of the best nail art designs now are negative space versions. They made up one of the biggest nail trends in the nail industry back in SS15 and then moved into AW15 and have been main stream ever since. Negative space is where the base colour is predominantly clear with a design over the top, it is so timeless and very chic.


metallic nails

Matte nail is another nail trend which gives nails a look that is more interesting, especially when applied over the nail art designs and especially over metallic nail polish. 


neutral nails

You can never go wrong with a neutral nail. Have it painted onto short rounded nails, and you have something that is so versatile to match nearly anything you decide to wear. 


pantone trends

A color palette from Nature cleansing heritage with quirkiness offers a fresh perspective:

Green Bee – 17-6154 A grassy green the perpetuates nature.
Tomato Cream – 16-1348 – a buttery brown that warms the heart
Ibiza Blue – 17-4245 – a stirring island blue hue that rouses our interest.
Illuminating 13-0647 – friendly, joyful optimistic yellow offering the promise of a sunny day. 

Winery – 19-1537 – Robust winery implies poise and finesse.
First Blush – 13-2003 – delicate and tender pink.
Downtown Brown – A metropolitan brown with a bit of swagger.
Daylily – 15-0956 – an uplifting orange infused yellow with perennial appeal.

Clear Sky – 14-4123 – Redolent of the cool blue of a clueless day.
Red Alert – 18-1559 – an impactful red with a suggestive presence.


pantone classics

Core hues whose versatility transcends the seasons:
Perfectly Pale – 13-0003 – reminiscent of a sandy beach.
Ultimate Grey – 17-5104 – Quietly assuring and reliable that encourages composure.

Olive Branch – 18-0527 – a tasteful green olive brown is symbolic of growth.
After Midnight – 19-4109 – an invulnerable black infused blue. 


It really doesn’t take much to look after your nails. Go for a professional manicure once a month, and then you can maintain it at home until your next appointment.

nail tools
The tools you would require are:
– Large Nail Clippers;
– 240 grit / soft grit file (Diamancel Nail File #1);
– Cuticle Tool (Tweezerman V Cuticle Nipper);
– Cuticle oil (SolarOil / Dadi Oil).

Using a large nail clipper like ‘Mavala Steel Nail Clipper’ will not cause stress on the nail when clipping them, due to its ergonomic shape. Moreover, clipping nails also promotes fast nail growth.

nail trends

Never use an orange emery board as these are to course for the natural nail and can lead to microscopic tears in the nail and then peeling — we always recommend using ‘Diamancel nail file’ (washable metal file). And the Tweezerman V Cuticle Nipper will look after hangnails without you overdoing it! Regular doses of cuticle nail oil will promote nails to become strong and flexible and the cuticles. 

Have all the above in mind when taking care of your nails, and it will make your nails feel great!

Trish Lomax