Why Pixie Cut Becomes a Hairstyle Trend That Everyone Loves

March 25, 2023

While bleached blonde hair is of course one of the signature hair styles, the coolest trend we’re witnessing this year is the Pixie Cut. It’s edgy, forward and huge right now in Australia.

When detailing short crops for girls, it can elevate so many different kinds of face shapes. Pixie Cut is nothing new, in fact it’s shaped many moments in fashion history, moments that leave us feeling inspired by this fashion forward look.

pixie cut hairstyle

There were major moments of history where pixie cuts made huge statements and cemented a place in fashion that continues to inspire stylists around the world. Glamour London girls carelessly ditched the blond manes for pixie cuts and paved the way for fashion forward tomboys making the pixie cut an it hairstyle.

The origins of a pixie cut date back to the early 20th Century, when many daring women broke the moulds of femininity by lopping their hair off and having it shorter than ever before.

The Roaring Twenties gave women a new sense of freedom after the end of the war. We saw shorter dresses and hair with ladies experimenting with their style.

pixie cut style

How do you know if a pixie will suit you?

Pixie cuts essentially accentuate cheekbones and shape, creating perfect symmetry for heart and round face shapes, however anyone can rock a pixie cut. Pixie cuts highlight elongated neck lines and proudly show off the décolletage as a main feature, space between the hairline and shoulder can be both sexy and edgy.

This gender neutral cut appeals to anyone who has the confidence to pull it off, it can be chic and classic or cool and edgy — it all narrows down to the way it is styled. Reducing your styling time, these cuts are often super cool when the hair is left alone to do its thing using its own natural texture.

Choosing the right PIXIE for you comes back to references and pictures you like — you can have soft feathered edges OR strong bold lines in the finish. Heavy fringes or soft micro fringes are also an option.

pixie cut

Follow these simple steps for natural texture finishes:

  1. Shampoo and condition the hair
  2. Add primer or leave in conditioner to your hair
  3. For super textured finish, apply a styling mousse to wet hair, scrunch in to accentuate texture or waves to the hair and let it dry naturally.

Secret tip: pair this hair with Double J La Scala Feather trim top and matching pants, Valentino Roman stud slides and “no-makeup makeup”

pixie cut trend

For a more shiny and polished look to the pixie crop, follow these steps:

  1. Shampoo and condition your hair
  2. Prep hair with a moisturizing cream. Add creme all over the hair in a global application.
  3. Blow dry forward nice and smooth with round brush
  4. Add a dry oil for a perfect sheen finish with a weightless shine spray
  5. Finish with hairspray to keep in place.

Secret tip: give that chic feeling by partnering your look the with Saloni Tyra Dress and a Jimmy Choo wedge. Fresh natural skin and MAC matte Russian Red Lipstick.

pixie cut hair trend

For a more “lived in feeling“ and “rock-n-roll” look:

  1. Start with clean dry hair
  2. Apply sea salt and dry into hair using your hands
  3. Spray a dry texturizing spray throughout the hair using fingers, to separate and create texture
  4. Finish with dry shampoo paste to accentuate texture further.

Secret tip: best worn with Isabel Marant Apollina Leather Jumpsuit and Prada Brushed Leather Loafers, combined with a liquid eyeliner across the eye with strong brushed brows.

pixiecut hairstyle

Sometimes, the best way is just wash and wear — straight out the shower or the ocean!

This classic hair style can halve your morning routine time, seriously who wouldn’t want to jump on board this amazing hair trend?! Plus add spice to your wardrobe and world with this new found freedom and liberation by cutting off your hair!

Diane Gorgievski