November 18, 2021

There’s nothing cooler than coming out of the sea and having that wet hair look! Due to pandemic, staycation seems to be again the trend of the summer, but why not take full advantage of this? The sun, the beach, the food, the fun, the going out without having to get up early the next morning, as well as getting a tan and coming back with naturally sun-bleached hair and all the good memories!

So, what is “staycation”? — It’s actually a play on the word “vacation” and means spending time off in or near your own home, rather than traveling to another location. You can still go out and have fun, and just because you won’t be going abroad doesn’t mean you can’t be doing the holiday hair thing too. 

We’ve not only created four summer hair looks for you to get you in the mood, but also going to give you some tips of summer hair care (your hair can still get dry even in the lightest of sun exposure) together with some product recommendations. 

Wet Hair/Slick Back


a) The first step is to blow dry all your hair away from your face. It doesn’t have to be the most perfect of blow dries and if you have curly or wavy hair just smooth out all the top section to just below the crown. Next step is to section your hair off just below the crown and take some Redken Wax Blast 10 Spray wax and spray into the roots and mid-lengths. Take approximately 1-inch sections across the head, moving towards the forehead and on each section spray more of the Spray Wax Blast at the roots and mid-lengths. Comb back each section, so you can move on to the next section. It’s important to be this methodical, so that your hair would stay back off you face once you’ve finished;
b) Take some Biolage exquisite oil and run it through the ends with your hands, then for extra shine finish off with some Loreal Tecni Art Ring light; 
c) Use a wide tooth comb to comb your hair back. The lines from the comb look really effective as the finished look. 

Healthy Hair up


This look is not only easy to do but also great for improving the condition of your hair at the same time. Putting your hair up when it’s freshly washed and towel dried is a regular holiday moment, but have you tried doing it with conditioner and oils in your hair too? These two products also double up as styling products. 

a) Add your favourite conditioner throughout your hair, then layer with some Biolage exquisite oil; 
b) Part your hair down the middle and, using a comb, pull all your hair back into a ponytail around the middle of the back of your head. Secure the ponytail with an elastic; 
c) Take the ponytail hair and twist tight, taking the twisted hair upwards and then around to create a kind of donut shape, but leaving the ends hanging down; 
d) Take a few pins and secure the donut, then take any kind of hair accessory or decorative crocodile clip and secure the hair hanging down below the base of the donut. You may use “London Get A Grip” metal hair slides here. For any flyway’s just add a bit more conditioner. 

This look works for a night out or a dinner and is simple to do whether you’re abroad or on a staycation. The conditioner and oil will also give your hair some extra conditioning which is perfect if your hair has been dry of late or it has gotten sun lightened and feels a little dry. 

The Colourful Head Wrap


Everyone loves a bright coloured head wrap, so here’s an alternative and simple way to wear one, so it wouldn’t just protect your hair from the sun but would also look great.

a) Start with either towel dried or completely dry hair. Part your hair down the middle from forehead to nape; 
b) Starting just behind each ear, add some Biolage Exquisite Oil to your hair and braid your hair on each side in a Dutch or French braid all the way to the ends. Secure the braid with an elastic (this can be colour matching to your hair or you can use a coloured hair band);
c) Take a square piece of fabric and fold one of the top corners down, but not in half;
d) Take the wider part of the fabric and place that in the nape of your neck so you have two corners coming out either side; 
e) Place the rest of the fabric over your head towards the forehead with one corner hanging forward; 
f) Take the two side corners and wrap around to the front. Tie in a knot, with the front corner underneath the knot; 
g) Tuck any loose ends into the knot and voila. There you have it! 
h) As an extra, you could add accessories to the ends of your braids and/or attach to the head wrap. 

Taming the Curls


Curly hair can get hot and annoying during summer, so here’s a quick easy way to tame and adorn it:   

a) Part your hair down the centre and dry your curls as normal. We’ve used Living Proof “Born to Be Curly” in this case;
b) Starting at the front of the forehead on one side, create a Dutch braid on a diagonal towards just below the crown. Repeat on the other side. Secure each braid with a small hair band.  Leave your hair at the back to hang loose;
c) Join the two braids together at the back, below your crown, either by braiding them to each other or just in a ponytail;
d) Take some coloured fabric and make a head band shape. Place the fabric onto your forehead and tie around your head joining at the two braids; 
e) We’ve added another piece of fabric to the braids just to decorate more; 
f) Have fun with this look by tying different coloured fabrics to match or contrast with your outfit. 

Neil Moodie