Top 3 Shower Creams for Hydration and Nutrition

September 21, 2020

Scientists have proven that shower relieves the bad mood and stress. Just 10-15 minutes of warm water in tandem with a right body cream works not only for the benefit of the skin but also for the emotional state in general. As it turned out, many people do not know about the most important rules of bathing procedures, thereby unconsciously harming their body. That’s exactly the reason why the editorial team of The Fashiongton Post decided to share with you three of the most important rules, as well as recommend our selection of the top 3 shower creams.

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Rule #1

The daily ritual of bathing procedures should be 15-20 minutes and not more, though many people like to spend there over 40 minutes or more. But, unfortunately, this negatively affects the skin and the health of the body. The cells of the epidermis begin to loosen from excessive moisture, and the skin’s ability to protect itself from external factors begins to actively decrease.

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Rule #2

Give preference to cool water. The colder the water, the more benefits it contains for blood vessels and immunity in general. The higher the degree, the more actively it dissolves the hydrolipidic film, drying and weakening the skin. This does not mean that you need to wash with extremely cold water, not at all. Start bathing with warm water and then gradually lower the temperature of the water. This will help to close the pores and prevent moisture from evaporating.

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Rule #3

To saturate your body with a charge of vivacity and energy in the morning, give preference to shower creams with citrus, mint and eucalyptus. They fight fatigue and drowsiness, so they will instantly transfer you from the sleepy kingdom to a vigorous work week. In the evening, it is recommended to use creams with lavender or chamomile — they, on the contrary, soothe the skin and prepare it for complete relaxation.

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