March 11, 2024

Torrontés [torr-ron-tez] is a white wine grape variety primarily grown in Argentina. The name “Torrontés” is originated from the Spanish word “toronja,” meaning grapefruit, due to the grape’s aromatic characteristics. Torrontés was brought to Argentina by Spanish settlers in the 16th century, and is now mainly cultivated in the Northwestern wine regions of Argentina, such as Salta and Cafayate, producing aromatic and floral wines that have gained international recognition.

Torrontes grape variety

Torrontés wines are known for their vibrant and aromatic profile, featuring notes of tropical fruits, white flowers, and a crisp acidity that lends a refreshing and distinctive flavor.

Torrontés wine flavor

Food Pairing
Torrontés wines pair exceptionally well with spicy dishes and Asian cuisine, as their aromatic and floral qualities complement the flavors while the crisp acidity balances the heat.

Torrontés food pairing