Touriga Nacional

March 2, 2024

Touriga Nacional [to-ree-ga na-see-o-nal] is a red wine grape variety native to Portugal. It has a long history dating back several centuries, and its name  derives from the Latin word “turris,” meaning “tower”, due to the grape’s upright growth habit and the tower-like cluster forms. Renowned for its deep color, floral aromas, and robust tannins, Touriga Nacional is a key component in the production of Portugal’s famous Port wines and is also used in the production of dry red wines.

Touriga Nacional wine


Touriga Nacional wines are known for their intense flavors, characterized by the notes of dark fruits such as blackberry and blackcurrant, along with floral undertones and spices.

Touriga Nacional wine

Food Pairing

For dry red Touriga Nacional wines, consider pairing them with grilled or roasted lamb and beef meat, as well as with hearty stews. As to the Port wines made with Touriga Nacional, they often pair wonderfully with chocolate desserts and blue cheeses.

Touriga Nacional wine