How to Get Rid of Signs of Face Fatigue?

September 7, 2022

Just a few of us adhere to a sleep schedule, the frantic pace of life in a modern metropolis does not allow us to truly relax. Fatigue is primarily displayed on the face, we look older, even small wrinkles stand out more strongly. How to refresh a tired face quickly while at home, especially if the day is not over yet and there is a party ahead?

Causes of skin fatigue

The skin may look temporarily tired if you have not had enough sleep due to experienced stress, after a long journey, or after eating certain junk foods. It is quite easy to “remove” such fatigue from the face using express methods. It is worse if the face is constantly tired: the skin color is dull, circles or bags under the eyes are pronounced, the skin on the face is so dry that wrinkles are visible to the naked eye.

Reasons why your skin may constantly look tired:

  • daily heavy make-up;
  • bad habits;
  • passive way of life;
  • lack of systematic and competent facial skin care;
  • abuse of the sun;
  • nocturnal lifestyle;
  • wrong nutrition.

Face Fatigue

Using lemon products for tired skin

Lemon is a perfect toner, so the products in the composition with this citrus are ideal for tired skin. While at home, you can try making a quick tonic by squeezing lemon juice and mixing it with water. Lotions will help get rid of dark circles under the eyes: soak cotton pads in lemon juice and apply under the eyes for 10 minutes. A honey-lemon face mask will also be effective. It is enough to mix 4 tbsp of honey with the juice of ¼ lemon, slightly warming up the mass and apply on the face for 7 minutes.

Face Fatigue

Contrasting Facials to Relieve Fatigue

Ideally, take a contrast shower, but if you don’t have enough time, little baths can help. To do this, pour hot water (at a comfortable temperature for you) into one deep bowl, and cold water into another bowl. Dip your face in the first container, then in the second, keeping it inside of each for 10 seconds. Finish off with cold water.

Facial massage

Learn how to do a light facial massage on your own — this will help remove swelling and stimulate collagen production, as well as improve complexion.

Face Fatigue

Rubbing Ice Cubes

This procedure causes a lot of controversy among cosmetologists and doctors these days. Some say that rubbing with ice cubes based on herbal infusion is very useful. Others, on the contrary, believe that ice has a negative effect on blood vessels: although there is a lymphatic drainage effect, it is shock, so rubbing with ice can cause sagging and unhealthy complexion in the future. However, the use of ice as a rapid method is still allowed.


How to refresh your face with makeup? Just to follow the rules for applying decorative cosmetics to the face: do not use foundation but replace it with mineral powder with reflective particles; avoid bronzers, highlight cheekbones with pink or peach blush; mask bruises under the eyes with concealers a tone lighter than the natural skin tone; bring the lower eyelid down with a light pencil, while not abusing mascara; use a light-colored lipstick, avoiding matte lipsticks in saturated colors.

Mask with coffee and cocoa

Mix 4 tbsp cocoa with coffee grounds or 4 tbsp finely ground coffee. Pour in 4 tbsp cream, add 2 tbsp liquid honey. Stir the mask until smooth, apply on the face, leave to dry completely. Place a damp towel on your face to soak the mass, gently wipe off the mask.

Face Fatigue