Neutral Tones Strike Back

September 20, 2022

Black, white, gray and beige are always in demand, but this season they are just at the peak of popularity. While solid bright colors may let you express a more energetic vibe, neutral tones can provide you with smoothness. The calming effect of neutral colors could look boring for some people, however, for others they may mean a quiet and soothing atmosphere. Examples of neutral colors include beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black, and white.

Black color

Neutral Tones

Black tones can make your body look slim and tight, as well as they do not require spend time on thinking what to combine those with, staying relevant for any season. The easiest way to wear black is to copy it from the outfit examples of rock stars: a leather jacket in a combination with skinny jeans and a T-shirt. Once you get used to this combination, you can add other elements to your look, such as black sweatpants or a suede bomber jacket.

White color

Neutral Tones

In a completely white look, it is important to combine not only the textures of fabrics, but also halftones — ivory or cream will perfectly shade the skin and prevent it from looking faded. Try wearing white cotton trousers with a cream polo, long sleeve T-shirt, or a thin jumper. It is also important to pay attention to accessories, in order to visually dilute the all-white ensemble, they should be textured and contrasting — blue piping on the cuffs, a caramel-colored belt, contrasting buttons or a pair of brown shoes will be a perfect match.

Earthy colors

Neutral Tones

If the density of black or white is the most common, then earthy colors take a well-deserved third place in popularity. From moss to khaki, sandy to reddish brown, earthy tones may well be even more versatile. Due to their muted, slight concentration of green and orange, they are perfect for bows consisting of layered clothing when it gets cold outside. Earth tones will make skin tone warmer after summer tan fades. It’s a versatile choice for almost any occasion, from the office to the party.