Summer And The City

January 28, 2018

It feels like it was just yesterday, I still see myself sitting in the hot class at school, listening to the lecture, being bored of seeing the same people all year long and counting hours until I am good to go home. It was the very time when summer was just around the corner and I found myself dreaming away and constantly blinking cuz of the sun shining right on my face through the classroom window which was  like a bright light calling through dark night. Next thing I remember was my hand writing down one line at the exercise book: “summer is in my city!” I knew that my favorite season has finally arrived and couldn’t help but imagining myself in my mind wearing those airy outfits I saw on the pages of the fashion magazines. Somehow among thousands of glossy pictures, reviews, fashion stories and campaigns that I’ve seen before I still can recall only one photo which became my favorite forever. It was a girl standing on the roof of the city skyscraper, looking strong and confident, wearing black sun glasses and holding the document case under the arm. She made an impression of the queen of the city, a business woman who stands firmly on her feet, down to earth but on the top of the city, she ruled it, she felt the time and she represented the perfect kind of woman of the season – summer city diva. Since then years have gone by and still I see those powerful girls conquering all the fashion runways in the world. It seems like they feel more comfortable wearing suits instead of bikinis even during the hottest days. And no, they don’t plan the vacation! They draw up the plans, think over the strategies, scrutinize the options. While you’re sipping mojito on the beach they know there is no time to waste and go even harder reaching the goals and making dreams come true. There is no doubt a city girl knows how to enjoy the summer life without getting out of it. You may think you won’t handle wearing “office” clothes when the sun is at its zenith but there is always a large spectrum of possible options for any preference and occasion. Christian Dior, Antonio Berardi, Jean Paul Gaultier are for fans of monochrome. With black and white it’s impossible to be wrong as well as with combining outfits from DKNY and Calvin Klein. Those names represent the very heart of the city, light and comfort all in one. But if you take common trees along the avenues for palms and see the rainbow arches striking the traffic pick something from J. Mendel, Mary Katrantzou or Roberto Cavalli and the island colors are all over you right away bringing a little bit of a holiday spirit into the daily routine.

Daily, hmm…how is it possible to think of something common these days at all? No routine, nothing trivial or traditional is under consideration. We gotta lift the head up high and set the sky as the limit. Remember the girl on the giant skyscraper? She must have felt vertigo but only because of her own success and weightlessness, she must have been scared that she will never be scared at all. She feels freedom, strong as the wind, she breaks the rules and makes it clear right from the start. Freed from the shackles she changes her “uniform” to the floaty and transparent dress to catch the breeze and fly above the city. Light as a cloud, unobstructed and soaring… this is what she’s been dreaming about sitting days and nights in her office, getting distracted by sunbeam and patch of reflected light in her window. Wait! Was it a window of the office… or the classroom? Now she’s the one who reflects the shimmer, sparkling all over the city becoming its leading star at night and burning sun during the day. Oh, there she is now, looking at you from the mirror!

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