Definitive Guide to Cavitation

January 19, 2021

Usually, the struggle for the ideal body shape is always a long process with a radical change in your diet and physical activity. However, nowadays this process can be accelerated with the help of innovative procedures. Among those, the most popular for today is cavitation.

Cavitation is a complex of procedures aimed at destroying fat cells without pain and surgery. This method is also called non-surgical liposuction, because in terms of effectiveness it gives almost the same result: in a short time it contributes to a significant loss of fat deposits in problem areas.

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How does cavitation work?

Cavitation sessions are performed pointwise in the areas of excessive fat deposits under the skin using an ultrasound machine. Ultrasound acts on adipose tissue and creates air bubbles inside it. When the bubbles inflate to a critical size, they burst and damage the cell membranes which have the most fat. Then metabolic processes come into play, and the fat is excreted naturally.

The course of procedures is prescribed by specialists individually and can last from 6 to 12 weeks, one session per week. A single course of cavitation should be directed only to one part of the body, and if there are several problem areas like thighs, abdomen and sides — then they must be worked out one by one. For people with a small amount of body fat, cavitation is contraindicated, as it can harm the body.

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What effect can you get from cavitation?

Cavitation is most often recommended for those who have fat deposits combined with skin problems such as pronounced cellulite or side effects after surgical removal of fat. The exact result, such as parameters after a course of procedures or weight loss in kilograms, is difficult to predict, since each organism responds to therapy individually. But according to the observations of doctors, a single procedure allows you to get rid of 15 cubic centimeters of fat, which is about 3-4 cm at the waist.

An important caveat: in order to maintain the effect of the cavitation course, you need to make it a habit to drink plenty of water throughout the day and adhere to a healthy diet. It is also advisable to add cardio to your schedule to avoid re-accumulation of fat in problem areas.

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