Skin Care in Cold Season

October 27, 2022

In the cold season, facial skin problems usually escalate, so The Fashiongton Post has put together some tips for you on how to prepare your face for the upcoming cold weather.

winter skincare

Skin acclimatization

One of the main reasons is that you have not prepared your skin for the winter season in advance. Excessive dryness of the skin from the weather is the most common problem in the cold season. Very dry skin can sometimes lead to severe breakouts, worsening acne problems. Fortunately, the solution is simple replace your mattifying products with moisturizers. It will not be superfluous to add nourishing serums and oils to your beauty ritual. It is useful to use products that contain hyaluronic acid. They quickly restore the dermis, eliminating skin inflammation and providing a beautiful glow to the face.

winter skincare

Impact of stress

Stress damages the skin, making it dull and thin. Moreover, it can cause acne. This is a very common problem these days. The best way to deal with stress is meditation, or, as an emergency measure, a small dose of steroids injected directly into the pimple often leads to a reduction in breakouts. However, before signing up for injections in the salon, consult a dermatologist, as acne from stress can be easily confused with hormonal acne.

winter skincare

Diet and sleep patterns

Emotional stress isn’t the only thing that can increase stress hormones and cause acne; poor sleep and lack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals can have the same consequences. Rising levels of stress hormones cause inflammation throughout the body, including the skin. To combat this specific problem, it is enough to exercise regularly, go to bed always at the same time, and also eat right. In winter, the amount of vitamins that we consume from fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits decreases in the diet, so it will not be harmful to take supplements.