Top 5 Fashionable Xmas Gifts

December 22, 2022

Christmas and New Year is always a pleasant time of the year, as we all look forward to the opportunity to once again feel the joy of finding gifts for our beloved ones. The Fashiongton Post decided to help you with this choice and picked up our version of the top 5 fashionable gifts for the upcoming holidays.

Pitcher With Fish by Dior

Pitcher With Fish by Dior

This stylish pitcher specially designed by Cordelia de Castellane for Dior is a part of the beautiful tableware collection inspired by the birth place of Christian Dior at Granville, a seaside town on the coast of France, poetically describing that peaceful time with a little pond with the golden fishes that he loved to spend his time at. 

Hammock by Louis Vuitton

Hammock by Louis Vuitton

Traveling through the wild forests and mountains can be comfortable, at least with this luxurious hammock designed by the Atelier Oï for Louis Vuitton. A genuine leather woven in a special way will definitely help you to stand out from other traveling fashionistas.

Scented Candle Rosa Muschiata by Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

From the freshness of citrus scents and spicy accents to the elegance of floral notes and vivacity of Mediterranean herbs, this candle leads to a sensorial journey through your memories, adding some unforgettable flavors to the existing Christmas scents.

Chelsea House Ginger Jar Lamp by Chanel


As you could know, Coco Chanel herself loved to add those cute fashionable elements to the hotel room where she spent her last years of life, so this amazing ginger jar table lamp would grace any table from the bedroom to your office interiors, featuring a royal bee, metallic satin gold geometric pattern, and metallic gold accents.

Puffer Pouch in Quilted Lambskin by Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

Pouches by Saint Laurent have always been a win-win gift appreciated by any fashionista, as they already became a classic. And in this new version from this year’s collection, the pouch will delight your beloved one even more than before.