Vincent Peters

January 19, 2018

French, Italian, British, German, Japanese and Spanish Vogue, Numero, Arena, GQ, Dazed & Confused, Ten and The Face are only some of the magazines his works have been published in. Look at the number of clients he has been working with: Celine, Bottega Veneta, Hermes, Nike, Emporio Armani, Miu Miu and Yves Saint Laurent… It’s obviously an honor for us to represent one of our most favorite photographers and filmmakers, Vincent Peters. The industry of fashion, beauty and celebrity photography would not be that sterling without his participation in it.

The Fashiongton Post: Working with so many celebrities and fashion people is such a huge dream of many young photographers who only started their career. What do you consider as the basic priorities in your job?

Vincent Peters: I think you need to have a clear vision of men and woman you can apply in different light or conditions. A photographer is looking for something you need to be aware of what that is when you walk in for a shoot.

F.P.:  Tell us about the fundamental commencement of your course line as the photographer?

V.P.: I went to New York when I was 18 and started to clean the tables in restaurants… so it’s been a long story…

F.P.:  What is your favorite model to work with?

V.P.: It all depends on the story, it’s like a movie and who fits the part and makes it alive.

F.P.:  Among all of those gorgeous photographs you took is there any favorite ones you would call a true masterpiece of yours?

V.P.: People ask me that a lot but it’s like asking an actor what is your favorite scene you play. Sometimes you are more convincing but you are always in “this” moment. You never look back.

F.P.:  Speaking about the mastery, what does it take to comprehend the uniqueness of the submission?

V.P.: Something happens to photography; in the 125th of a second, a hole in time that reveals some beauty the eye didn’t see…

F.P.:  Is there anything that serves as an inspiration in your life? Who made a lasting impression on you and your further creations?

V.P.: movies, stories, and the woman I met…

F.P.:  What country do you spend the most of your time at?

V.P.: I live in Ibiza but I work a lot in L.A., this season — London, so you never know… I’m drifting and I don’t know where I am on the next Thursday.

F.P.:  Is there any secret of success at all? Do you think you were meant to become a photographer or was it a hard work that brought you to such a high level? Is there a shortcut to anything? What’s your theory about that?

V.P.: Don’t look for a shortcut: as a photographer you need to have more than a good eye, social skills, business sense, humor to comfort a model, deal with stress and pressure in difficult situations, know the history of photography to give the images a context, there are many useless qualities we need to have since it’s such a social job. The first rule is: what can go wrong will go wrong.

F.P.:  What are some of your fundamental concepts?

V.P.: I love to see how light changes the mood and the person.

F.P.:  Do you think this is the moment when you can admit that the major goal has been achieved already? What are the most precious goals for you yet to reach in the future?

V.P.: It’s like a sport, at some point you train harder but don’t get better… I just want to take images that get me out of bed in the morning, something I like to show; and has a relevance to me.

F.P.: What do you work on now?

V.P.: I do a lot of editorials for different vogue magazines this month!

F.P.: How would you describe the fashion world from the inside?

V.P.: Driven, fast, insecure, imaginative, protective.

F.P.: Would you, please, share some of your professional tips?

V.P.: If you really love what you do, you should be good at it… know your category; know what people expect from you.

F.P.:  Please, use three words to describe yourself?

V.P.: That’s what you better ask my ex-girlfriend… 🙂

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