4 Rules of Healthy Hair

March 28, 2019

The path to beautiful and healthy hair is based on 4 stages of care: hair roots, scalp, hair along the entire length, and protection from negative influence. Paying attention to all four, you can ensure the health and beauty of your hair.

1. Healthy hair grows on healthy scalp

The secret to the beauty of your hair lies in its health. And the health of the hair begins with the health of the scalp. The Fashiongton Post recommends you adding a scalp massage with stimulating essential oils to your regular hair care. Doing this at least 10 minutes 2 times a week before washing your hair will help to heal the scalp, make it more elastic, increase microcirculation, as well as provide nutrition to the hair roots. Hair will become stronger and start growing faster.

healthy hair

2. Combing is important

It is critically important to comb your hair well. This will provide additional stimulation, strength, and accelerate growth. It is better to comb before washing, when a complex of essential oils is applied. It’s not recommended to comb your hair immediately after washing because wet hair is very brittle and can be easily damaged, so better wait until it gets dry. The comb should be selected carefully: when using oil, you may take wooden combs or combs with natural bristles; after washing, when the hair is dry, it’s better to use plastic combs.

healthy hair

3. Choosing shampoo and mask

When selecting a shampoo, pay attention to your physiological features: type of scalp (dry, oily, sensitive or irritated), presence of dandruff, etc. Shampoo should be applied two times: first – to wash off the pollution, second – leave it for 3-5 minutes, so that it would have the necessary effect on the scalp. After shampooing, dry the hair with a towel and apply air conditioner or a mask, retreating 7-10 cm from the hair roots. Masks and conditioners should be chosen according to the type of your hair: colored, needing shine or volume, tone, or restoration. Keep the mask for 5-8 minutes and wash off with plenty of water.

healthy hair

4. Use products without rinsing

If the hair falls out or doesn’t have a tone – after washing, apply cleanser serums on the clean scalp. If the hair is damaged over the entire length, needs moisturizing or nourishing, color protection or volume – use special means without rinsing: mousses, serums, and sprays. In addition to the above, it will facilitate combing, protect hair from fluffing, electrification and ultraviolet rays.

healthy hair