From Dinner to Dancefloor

January 13, 2022

Whether it’s dinner or dancefloor, being able to upgrade your look is imperative and we’ve never been more pushed for time than we are right now. These skill-sensitive looks are some of our favourite day-to-night transformations that anyone can master.

Diva Pony hair

The Look Before: Classic Pony
The Upgrade: Diva Pony

Turn your regular daytime ponytail into a Diva pony by adding a long wrap around ponytail extension to your existing one.  A 22” mane is showstopping enough, but you can also opt for 24/25” if you really want to channel your inner Ariana Grande.

For the best possible result, opt for human hair over synthetic as this will give a more realistic feel and make sure to colour-match the hair piece as close as you can.

This look is accessible even for those with shorter hair — if you can secure it in a ballet bun at the crown of the head, you’ll be able to wrap the hair piece over the top.

Textured Tresses hair

The Look Before: Limp & Lifeless Loose Hair
The Upgrade: Textured Tresses

If your hair is flat and lifeless during the day but you have no time to style it properly, the next best thing is a texturizing spray. Texturizing sprays are amazing at zhooshing hair up.  

Dry Texturizer by davines

“This is a Dry Texturizer” by Davines and “Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist” by Sam McKnight will do the job nicely. Lift your hair and spray generously into all the root area, ensuring you get the sides and back as well, not just on top.

Sam McKnight hair

Use your fingers or a wide flat brush to distribute the texture spray through your hair and then style accordingly, whether pining it back into a low bun or tonguing sections before wearing loose.

Effortless UpDo hair

The Look Before: Straightened DownDo
The Upgrade: Effortless UpDo

This can be a great transformation for going out straight from the office but knowing how to do it easily and quickly can sometimes be a nightmare to figure out.

Spray your hair with Sam McKnight’s ‘Easy Updo Texture Spray’ and using just your fingers – which will give more texture – gather all of your hair up just below the crown area and create a knot. Tie into a ponytail and then with a few grips, create a chignon with the remaining hair, pinning the hair as tightly or loosely as desired. Once fixed into place, leave as-is or pull some tiny strands out around the front to frame your face. Finish with hairspray.

Wet hair Look

The Look Before: Wash-Day Hair
The Upgrade: Wet Look

You need to wash your hair, but you’ve been asked out for drinks straight after work. Embracing a wet look here could be that dramatic (and handy) change you’re looking for.  

Wax Blast 10 by redken

Brush all your hair back away from your face and spray with “Wax Blast 10 High Impact Finishing Spray” by Redken all through the top area of the hair and using a wide-toothed comb, comb the hair up and back off your face, so in the direction of your crown (you don’t want a centre-parting with a wet look).

Biolage hair oil

If you want to be ultra-dramatic with this, use a generous amount of “Advanced Exquisite oil” by Biolage, working this through the ends. When you’re happy with how your wet look hair is sitting, fix it with strong hold hairspray, particularly around the ear and the front hair line.

wig hair look

The Look Before: Same-Same
The Upgrade: Wigging It

If you’re in need of a root touch up or simply want a fresh and fun temporary look, why not try a wig?! It’s fun, easy and you can experiment, without having to commit.  

If your hair is long, then brush it all back and tie into a ponytail around the bone on the middle of the back of the head (the occipital bone). Braid the ponytail as tight as you can and then pin to your head as flat as possible. Use a wig cap to keep all the hair in place and then fix your wig over the top. If you have short hair then just comb or brush it flat to your head and put a wig cap over the top.

Consider your face shape as to what wig/style you go for and unless you want to make a bold statement, don’t veer too far away from your natural colour. If you opt for a totally different colour to your own, choose a multi-tonal finish. I’d always advise to opt for human hair wigs as opposed to synthetic. They look much more realistic and are easier to style, as well as photographing better.

Neil Moodie