Knitted Hood, as the Coziest Trend of This Winter

October 19, 2022

The trend of the upcoming winter season for knitted hoods will probably become one of the most cozy and comfortable. Once again, we may see that fashion is cyclical and returns every 10-20 years, which is a proven fact now. The knitted hoods trend, being so popular during the childhood many years ago, can be definitely welcomed back this winter. 

Knitted Hood

Variations of the knitted hoods were already announced by various fashion designers in their fall-winter collections: Marc Jacobs — in the form of puffy space hoods, Givenchy — with their knitted hoods with cat ears and crowns matching the knitted overalls and short down jackets, Jacquemus — with bright knitted hoods in combination with the trouser suits, Raf Simons — with oversized knitted hoods paired with quilted jackets and oversized shirts.

Knitted hoods are a very versatile accessory, and can be worn with both traditional sweaters, coats, bombers, and with more surreal outfits and dresses.

Knitted HoodKnitted Hood