5 Healthy Beauty Habits

June 1, 2022

What preventive habits should be introduced into your own beauty routine now, so you could thank yourself in 5 years?

beauty habits

Sleeping regimen

Researchers have proven that 10 p.m. is considered as the ideal time to fall asleep, since during the period from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. takes place the active cell regeneration, restoration and self-protection of the skin, helping to get rid of the redness, irritation and rashes, as well as return the nervous and hormonal systems back to normal. Lack of sleep will always be noticeable on your face, especially if you do not get enough sleep regularly.

water balance

Water balance

If you haven’t taken the recommendation to drink 2 liters of water a day seriously yet, don’t be surprised that you’re finding it difficult to lose weight, you’re feeling increasingly unwell, and your body condition leaves much to be desired. Make it a rule to follow your daily water intake (30 ml per 1 kg of body weight). Over time, you will be surprised how easy it will feel from the inside. The health and functioning of the skin directly depends on your drinking regimen.

beauty habits

Regular skin care

Be sure to use the right skin care products in your daily routine, and regularly use them at least twice a day, morning and evening: skin cleanser, toner, skin moisturizer, and mask or scrub for deep cleaning of pores twice a week.

beauty habits

Around the eyes area

Another important beauty ritual that many often ignore until wrinkles show up. Experts say that if you start using an eye care product at the age of 25, then by the age of 35 you will appreciate your efforts. Serums, gels, eye creams and under-eye creams will help to resist puffiness, dark circles and age-related skin changes.

beauty habits

Scalp and hair care

A separate and obligatory ritual of the daily beauty routine should be scalp and hair care. And this is not just a shampoo but also a conditioner. The conditioner helps neutralize the harmful effects of the shampoo. The composition of the shampoo includes aggressive ingredients, due to which the hair and scalp are cleansed of sebum, dirt, and old skin particles. At the same time, they break the structure of the hairs, opening their scales, and making them brittle and dry. The conditioner eliminates all the side effects of shampoo, ensuring a snug fit of the hair cuticles to the hair shaft and, thereby, helps the hairs retain moisture and nutrients.