French Rules for Healthy Eating

September 22, 2022

Everyone knows how French women love croissants, fresh pastries, desserts and cheeses. But why don’t they get fat then?! The clue is in the size of portions, specific time of taking “harmful” food, and a few more secrets that the editorial team of The Fashiongton Post will share with you today.

Don’t overload your stomach

french diet

We are talking about sweet desserts. There is no need to refuse them completely, but eat those no more than once a day, and in small quantities. Also, do not consume more than five sugar cubes per day, as even bread products can contain sugar. Better satisfy your sugar cravings by adding fresh fruits and honey to your diet.

  • Substitute cow’s milk cheeses with their fermented analogues. Cheeses can contain 10% saturated fat, so eat them no more than once a day.
  • Fruit yogurts and curds with additives contain too much sugar, so it is better to refuse them.
  • Eat light meal in the evening time: one or two fruits, stewed vegetables, green salad dressed with olive oil or almonds.

Cook food below 95°C

french diet

Even food which is heavy for the stomach can be cooked in a way to be easily absorbed by the body. Nutritionists advise cooking at a temperature not exceeding 95°C, by steaming or languishing in the oven. This method almost does not change the structure of the product and the loss of vitamins and minerals will be minimal. For the comparison: after boiling, the loss of vitamin C in foods is 55%, while when steamed it is no more than 30% of loss. If you are cooking with oil on a grill or pan, do not exceed 200-250°C, as temperatures above it produce unhealthy trans fatty acids. 

Don’t forget about olive oil

french diet

Olive oil contains a large amount of oleic acid, and is an irreplaceable component of the Mediterranean diet, which has been so popular for the past half century. Polyphenols from extra virgin olive oil have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, so they help maintain health and do not harm the body. In addition, they improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

Eat five fruits or vegetables a day

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To maintain health and keep your body in fit, it is important to consume at least five vegetables or fruits (400-700 g) per day. Vegetables and fruits are very satiating due to the presence of dietary fiber in them and, in addition, vegetables and fruits give our body water, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fructose, which are necessary so that we do not overeat everything else.